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Furthermore, to date no progress has been made in the practical implementation of the action plan on the Middle East adopted by the 2010 NPT Review Conference, in particular on mandating the Secretary General and the three depositary States of the NPT, in consultation with the States of the region, to convene a conference in 2012 on the establishment in the region of a zone free of nuclear weapons as well as other weapons of mass destruction.

A search is undertaken on the basis of evidence sufficient to justify the supposition that the crime weapon, criminally acquired objects or valuables, or other objects or documents which may be significant to the inquiry are kept in a specific facility, at a given location or in a home; and may proceed only on the basis of a reasoned decision by the investigator and with a mandate issued by the public procurator or his/her deputy.

The recent amendments to CPSL allows mandated reporters to make a written report online.

If you make an oral report to Child Line you must follow-up with a written report, which may be submitted electronically, within 48 hours.

Political sense of "approval supposedly conferred by voters to the policies or slogans advocated by winners of an election" is from 1796. Related: A command or an expression of a desire, especially by a group of voters for a political program.

Politicians elected in landslide victories often claim that their policies have received a mandate from the voters.

to gather all necessary information from the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) and the Committee’s Group of Experts, as well as from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other humanitarian actors who may have relevant information.

The Government of Ethiopia has endeavoured to render its extension services more gender-responsive by mandating its national and regional Bureaus of Agriculture to introduce extension services closely linked to women’s activities, to encourage women to participate in every programme and to assist women in obtaining better access to agricultural inputs (Buchy and Basaznew, 2005).

a mandate from the United Nations to govern the territory Troops moved into the country to restore order under a UN mandate.Currently, 15 states (CA, CT, IL, ME, MN, NV, NY, NJ, NC, OH, OR, RI, TX, VT, and WA) plus the District of Columbia have enacted legislation or adopted regulations to address nurse staffing.Of these states, seven (CT, IL, NV, OH, OR, TX, and WA) require hospitals to have staffing committees to address staffing plans and policies; one state (CA) requires the minimum nurse-patient ratio to be maintained at all time; and five states (IL, NJ, NY, RI, and VT) require public disclosure or reporting.Your supervisor may assist you in making the report (for example, sit with you for support if you are uncomfortable in the process) as long as they do not interfere in any way with the making of the report.Afterward, you should inform your supervisor (or whoever is designated at your place of employment) about the report. You do not have to investigate or be certain of the abuse, or even know the name of the person who is suspected of abusing a child.

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