Dating omarion who

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Jennifer Freeman is an actress from United States and she is famous for her role in the TV series My Wife and Kids.

Together they also appeared in the movie You Got Served. Omarion remained a single life for several years and then he was seen having romantic love affairs with Apryl Jones.

In the video, Omarion is seen shirtless and showing off his physique while a snippet of his latest single “Body On Me” from his upcoming album & your chiccckkkkkk!!

The couple just recently welcomed their second child, daughter A’mei Kazuko, back in March.

It looks like R&B crooner Omarion and girlfriend Apryl Jones are the latest celebrity couple to call it quits. They also share a son, Megaa Omari, who was born in August of 2014.

Rumors of a breakup between the seemingly happy pair had only just begun when Omarion posted a video clip to his personal Instagram page that had some fans curious about whether or not it was somehow confirmation of the split.

Omarion and Ashanti's younger Shia were spotted dirty dancing at a club over the weekend and have sparked rumours that they are dating.

Once Apryl confirmed the split, Omarion also took to social media to speak on the end of the relationship, insisting that would be his one and only time addressing the situation publicly.The album marked the culmination of a joint collaborative process dating back to 2005, when Omarion's vocal contributions to Bow Wow's "Let Me Hold You," helped the song reach #4 on the Hot 100, giving both artists their first-ever Top 10 single.The title of the album was inspired by the 1997 film of the same name starring…lose fans).r31, we all know (well black gays do) that black celebrities come out at half the rate as white ones. Marques Houston and the Immature boys were probably having illegal sex with him too in the 90s. I don't get why any parent would let their kid in a boyband. He can out Omarion, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Ne-Yo, and half a dozen other singers and most people won't believe him. It would make my life much easier to satisfy either the Fundamentalists in my family or the gays who are convinced I'm partially closeted.And he has denied making that statement so he's not even out. The guy who managed NSYNC/BSB, Stokes, one of the guys in charge of Menudo. As far as I know Omarion did acknowledge that Raz-B must have been molested for him to come out with it but he denies being a victim himself. Given my childhood, it would be easy to say, "I'm conflicted" or "I'm genuinely confused" and be accepted as basically straight or gay.

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