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Lack of physical activity also impacts ocular motor abilities.

While sitting to view a computer screen, our eyes remain stationary, but when our bodies are in motion, our eyes spontaneously move.

in 2016, we've finally rejoined the Doctor on his travels...

Series 10 – Peter Capaldi's last as The Doctor – is officially underway, and right here is everything you need to know about the new episodes, from filming to air-dates to Jenna Coleman's replacement.

Meanwhile, we learn a little more about the Doctor's pledge to guard the Vault. Back in the present day and Nardole was still minding the Vault, with something inside starting to knock - 3 times. "And as long as I'm still here, you are going nowhere!

Stephen Mangan, Pippa Haywood, Tamsin Grieg, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Oliver Chris were all pictured standing with the doctors outside Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, which was one of the hospitals Green Wing was filmed in.

Michelle said: “I totally supported it and had I been in the country, I would have absolutely been there.

They claim the animals are fed an unnatural diet and demonstrate abnormal behaviour including aggression and in some cases, cannibalism.

Neil D’Cruze, WAP’s senior wildlife advisor, said: “The public outcry about the ongoing animal cruelty at the Cayman Turtle Centre is growing every day.

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