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If a young man wants to have sex, he can go to a prostitute.These days, the least expensive girls are Egyptians who frequent certain coffee shops and apartments dedicated to that purpose." "Well, I explain to her that in Egypt, we don't use this system of coffee. You know, it's the system in England, asking for coffee, because it's considered vulgar to ask for sex." "But what happened? It is British women who taught me the idea of giving pleasure." His voice raised in enthusiasm as he pointed a finger at his forehead.

And since I was just a kid, that did not always work.”Today, Insan uses techniques he learned as a theater director — relaxation exercises, role playing and choreography — to raise awareness about the harm harassment causes to women and men.“When I listened to the tuk tuk drivers and the garbage collectors who work on the streets and the doormen who live under the stairs in Cairo’s apartment buildings, I discovered they had no respect for themselves as human beings,” Insan said.CAIRO — Munir Tawab admits he added to Egypt’s reputation for catcalling and groping women on the street.But a new movement led by one man to combat sexual harassment — considered the norm in this country — has changed Tawab's actions.“Before I came to these workshops, it did not occur to me that harassing girls was wrong,” said Tawab, 21, who drives a tuk tuk, one of the thousands of a three-wheel, open taxis on the unpaved streets of Cairo’s slums. Women have the same right to go in public and not be bothered, just as men do.”He recently attended workshops organized by John Insan, 39, a community organizer with a background in theater arts, who wanted to change attitudes toward women after his father died.“I was 14 when he died, and all the sudden I had this responsibility to basically be the bodyguard for my mom and my sister,” Insan said.I found that not only does prostitution seem to have expanded following the revolution, it appears to have settled into stark social and economic layers.When young men don't earn enough to get married, physical intimacy with women in their network of friends is out of the question.

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