How to tell if youre dating a loser Live cam video girl sexy com

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A young woman came to me looking for a house to rent with her boyfriend – her absolute first mistake right there. She then proceeds to explain to me her “situation” as we start to go over our rental qualifications. I reassure her that credit isn’t all we look for in an applicant. How’s his rental and employment history, I ask hopefully?

Look, I get that some people have credit blemishes or you got arrested for a little weed in college. Whenever someone starts off with, “let me explain my situation” half the time it’s usually so minor it doesn’t warrant a long explanation. We also take into consideration if you have stable employment, good income and rental history. Things like assault with a weapon, communicating threats, and a few DUIs? Because really at this point we are just grasping at straws.

Men and women with a loser mentality have an uncanny ability to always turn things around so that they are the “victim”.10.

People with a loser mentality are quick to smooth over a disagreement because they’re afraid it might expose how they really feel.9.

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There doesn’t seem to be an official Catholic version of a shadchanit, so let me play the un-official version on the internet. Today I had an interesting conversation with a young lady that just confirmed I was right in my belief that all single woman should be using a personal match-maker or a least a sane, unbiased third party (be it family or close friend) to help them make sound relationship decisions. First she wants to know if we require a certain credit score because she’s concerned that her boyfriend doesn’t have good credit.

The last thing I want when I start dating someone is to end up being a babysitter and not a girlfriend.

Yet, for some reason, this has happened to me time and time again.

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