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You have to look at the pros and cons of online dating.

Pro: Over 40 million people have tried online dating.

Because it’s 2017, Spring has us all randy like March hares and we will never get enough of reading potential cringe material. In the name of research I have downloaded Happn and let it tick along in the background as I roam around North London with my eyes firmly fixed to the ground. The old romantic in me got spirited away with the idea that if I crossed paths with the same person more than once, (on every profile you can see the exact number of times you were ships in the night) then it was fate and this app was a mere tool in the grand tapestry of our universally bound love story.

Dennoch: Die Chance, im echten Leben jemanden zu finden, mit dem du ernsthaft ein Date haben willst, ist in etwa so groß, wie in der Dorfbäckerei meiner Heimat etwas anderes als Mohnbrötchen und Croissants zu finden.

Und selbst die sind sonntags nach 11 Uhr längst ausverkauft.

It helps people get a better picture of you without asking to add you on Facebook which is deemed a bit more stalky. But I have 13 Instagram pics and one of them is of my boiler.

It then begins to dawn on me that my Bumble photos are rather well angled and probably (definitely) misleading. I take a badly lit no make up selfie from underneath my chin, look at it, vomit and assume my new role as a Catfish instead.

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