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A callused heart may protect me from great pain, but it also keeps me from great love. I’ll be honest, that vulnerable position makes me want to wrap a few more layers around my tender heart, and vow beyond all measure to protect myself.It has seen fourteen years, 144 games, over ten thousand photos and videos, thousands of man-hours devoted to keeping the site fresh, hundreds of news reports from multiple sources, and 165,000 plus visitors.They depend on freelance writers to provide hundreds upon hundreds of fresh, insightful new ones.My daughter Cathrine held out her hands, palms up, for her brother to see. Look at mine.” He turned his hands over, and she ran her fingers over his palms and grinned. The warrior-like determination inside me to protect myself had affected the softness of my heart.Many independent and denominational magazines (such as ) run devotionals in each of their issues.Some publishing houses produce not only devotional books, but also devotional desk calendars and greeting cards. Publications can’t just recycle devotionals they ran the previous year.

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In more than three decades, I’ve never hosted a writers conference without asking Doc Hensley to speak. Miraculously, her ex-husband saw the change, and the marriage was restored! In the beginning of his ministry, after his first miracle of turning the water into wine at the wedding of Cana, He traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Karen took on the beautiful holy glow of a woman who knew she was totally forgiven and completely loved by God. Ten years after the miraculous restoration, the marriage crashed and burned. They always want to go back to the way they were.” Jesus saw this tendency to fall into old ways when He cleaned out the temple.Calluses formed to protect their tender skin from harm as they lift weights. I thought I’d handled things well because I hold no grudges.I sat at the table, watching the interaction, and then looked at my hands. I’m desperately aware of my own sin and hold no accounts for offenses.

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