Questions ask mentor dating

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Informal meetings in this phase will not count towards your two official meetings required for every 12-months of current experience, see Phase 4: Make Progress.

PHASE 3: Build the Relationship This is the phase when you will build trust with the student, as the foundation for your relationship begins.

Similar to speed dating you find yourself a seat at a table and move to another table when the bell rings.

If done well, you can get some solid advice from those who have been there and done it.

Maybe one of the mentors has worked with similar businesses to yours.

Maybe another has had to overcome a problem like the one you are having.

Although none of us had any experience with “speed dating” we were intrigued by the concept of short, focused interactions to look for areas of common interest.How to discuss the Enabling Competencies with the student: Review the "How to Ask Really Good Questions" material, found in the Centre for Mentoring Resources within the "Build the Relationship" section. A lot goes into making mentoring work, but above all it starts with finding a great connection.We worked together on business problems, identified key priorities and challenges for the coming year, and came up with some fantastic strategies and plans. And then we tried something new “speed mentoring.” As a caveat, this is a group that has worked together at various levels.Some of us have deeper relationships and have had developmental discussion before, some were just getting to know one another.

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