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Their outfits are painfully overthought, and they're practically burning calories trying to affect an air of confidence and cool.

Then, bam: Some new kid walks in with their hat on backward or their grungy flannel-shirt (then they'll be cool.

The commercial breaks, too, were almost comically exaggerated, as in, “The person I choose is” — click.

Frankly, NBC would have done the producers a favor by launching the show at an hour, instead of asking them to vamp through such a protracted winnowing process.

Eva just returned from a trip to Nicaragua, where she met Ernesto’s entire family.

She also accompanied him on a recent trip to Honduras to visit a school and homes he’s built for needy families in his native community, the mag reported.

Interestingly her co-stars on the show Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves were married exactly one week earlier!

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I have always pictured the people in charge of new reality-TV shows as a cluster of insecure seventh-graders at a dance.

And while the soapy, dating-coach aspects could certainly tap into fans of the genre (particularly for the snark factor), one suspects many gawkers lured in via “The Voice” lead-in were ready for bed well before the show ended.

Although the program (produced by Eva Longoria, who provided an extended “We’ll show you the entire season in four minutes” introduction before disappearing) will focus on three bachelors who appear to need absolutely no help getting laid, the opener focused exclusively on Tim Lopez, the guitarist of Plain White T’s.

As in “Hey There Delilah,” can’t you just go out and pick up groupies like a normal rock star?

But no, the divorced Tim is ready for you-know-what, and thus free to pick from among a dozen women assembled by a trio of matchmakers.

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