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For that you have to bring object_id, description and level in "no namespace".

That means you should specify xmlns="" for each of them.

I get the following error:cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'object_id'. which I found odd because object_id is present in the list, why isn't it recognised? Hello, The problem is that your schema hides (localizes) the namespaces (by default), but your XML instance is defined as if they are exposed.

If you find these concepts confusing, there is an explanation and a straightforward example here: Versus In short, what you have to do to make this work correctly in its current form, is expose the namespaces in the schema.

No post anterior mostramos o XML que o serviço espera como entrada e XML que esperamos de retorno do serviço.

Foi colocado como exemplo as classes mapeadas com as anotações fornecidas pelo JAXB API para fazer a conversão dos XMLs em objetos Java e a conversão dos objetos Java em XML.

We do not have to create a WSDL, this will be generated by Spring using the XSD schema and configuration (will be discussed later).

For creating the schema for request and response consider a usecase in which we will send a complex object containing some order detail in request and service will return price and other information in response.

If you are using a non-standard sender, it is assumed that you will handle your own TLS configuration.A Listagem 1 apresenta o código do enpoint Consulta Erros Endpoint.O exemplo limita-se a repassar o parâmetro de requisição para uma consulta na base dados e retornar a resposta obtida. @Payload Root – Indica que o método irá tratar as requisições.In contract first approach we first finalize the contact (WSDL, message types for request/response), so the interface is clear and is exact what is required and less likely to change and implementation detail (Java classes and interface) at last. Envirenment: Eclipse 3.6 JEE JDK 1.6 Spring WS 2.0.3 Spring framework 3.1 Apache Tomact 6.0.26 Step #1 Download Spring Web Service release 2.0.3 and its dependencies Spring framework 3 higher from M1\dist directory of spring framework distribution. Exact location may change depending on distribution but can be easily located.These jars need to be copied in project we will create in next step and also while deploying in server.

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